Research, Analysis and Knowledge

“Making a difference to policy and practice”

Challenging times place a premium on making wise, informed and affordable decisions. This means accessing the best possible knowledge and insight, including reaching out for new ideas, and new sources, and drawing upon alternative wisdom and experience in tackling public policy and services.

Our analytical and research services can help you with this. Research should be relevant and applied: it is not about theoretical reports that sit unread on dusty shelves. There is a wealth of research and accumulated knowledge that goes untapped in the public services. Our expertise includes extensive senior management experience that enables us to understand the complex interrelationships between knowledge, policy and practice

We offer services that include:

  • Diagnosis to help you identify problems and opportunities;
  • Bespoke research and analytics
  • Sourcing relevant and high quality knowledge, experience and research, and to synthesize this to meet your needs;
  • Commissioning and managing research on your behalf where you need specialist help; and
  • Working with you, and your organization and partners, to understand and apply the learning to design and effect policy, practice and organizational change.