Embracing Social Collaboration

Becoming a social organisation is about being a viable member of, and a leader within your own market space. A social organisation is one that understands their market and drives engagement, often through an online platform, with all people and stakeholders around their market; including suppliers, partners, clients, staff and other influencers often giving as much as they receive.

Success requires focus on people, process and technology associated with relationships, and to be successful in employing a network strategy, one must recognise the impact they can have on your organisation. Organisations that understand the importance of harnessing the power of collective behaviours to drive positive change will be the ultimate winners, those that focus on implementing social technologies will be the losers.

If you are at the early stages of using social media, considering social collaboration or wanting to drive it’s benefits across more business areas, consider…

  • What relationships do you want?
  • What is trying to be achieved through the relationships?
  • Are there other stakeholders that need to be considered?
  • What relationships are most important for the future?
  • What changes to existing relationships need to occur going forward?
  • How do you want to be perceived by others?
  • Do you want to play a role in changing relationships across the network?
  • How can income or savings be derived through social collaboration?
  • What impact on staff and HRM will occur?
  • How is social media and software already being used?
  • What mix of social media, communications technology and/or software system is right for you?

Once clarity starts to be formed around the above, the next step is then to explore the impact and scope of what is needed. Programmes of this nature can have extensive and complex implications to organisations; or they can be kept controlled and simple. They can have organisation changing capability, enhance efficiencies and productivity, and can help to radically transform for the better the ‘offerings’ that the organisation provides.

Innovartec can help to walk you through this process of decision making and can provide the challenge, innovative thinking and experience you would want to ensure your conclusions are the right ones. Whether you are at the early stages of social strategy formation, wanting to drive increased take-up of collaborative practices, or firmly embedding social collaboration at the core of your strategy; Innovartec can help to turn your plans into reality through being a critical friend, researcher, analyst, programme modeller and  implementation partner.

  • The fastest growing sector for internet use is communities
  • In 2011, 93% of CMOs plan on using some form of social-generated content to inform product and service decisions.
  • Member communities reach more internet users (66.8%) than email (65.1%)
  • Over 60% of top companies have some form of online community deployed for CRM purposes
  • More than half of companies that have established an online community will fail to manage it as an agent of change, ultimately eroding customer value.