Innovation, Change and Development

Efficiency and productivity have been the focus of senior management for many years; but at this time many are finding that stepped improvement can no longer find the required organisational improvements or savings needed to meet the challenging budget constraints. Innovation, disruptive technologies and transformational change are now needed more than ever.

This is where Innovartec’s unusual combination of public and private sector experience comes into play. We have the expertise to help you drive ideas generation, transition great ideas into sound business plans, source suitable partners, and provide the resources and skills to help teams effectively develop and implement new products, services or ways of working whilst supporting decomissioning. Our approach is to be both critical friend and enabler, and to help you transforming ideas into reality.

One of Innovartec’s strength’s is around facilitating effective collaboration between people and organisations to get them to share knowledge and skills to solve problems in new ways. Recent programmes developed include the creation of a performance measurement application – Inform, to provide performance data and insight to allow comparison across key areas of local government activity and development of the Creatives Councils transformational innovation programme with the Local Government Association and NESTA.

To find out more about we can help to support your organisation to manage the change process or manage programmes that are beyond the ‘business as usual’ capacity that you have, contact us today.