Brendan Harris

Brendan Harris MBA, Managing Director,

Commercial, Innovation & Digital Technology Strategy

Brendan has worked within both private and public sectors as a specialist in advising and supporting senior management and their organisations to deliver services more effectively through new digital technologies and innovative approaches. A highly adept presenter and speaker, politically aware and a contributor at board level around business strategy, innovation and implementation planning.

Business process re-engineering, business development and a broad understanding of marketing & communications form a backdrop to a high level of understanding around systems development, systems architecture, and internet based communications.

Recent projects include creating solutions surrounding social enterprise CRM, social intranets, knowledge management, data analysis, social media, project management CRM, applicant tracking and talent management systems, digital TV, mobile communications and general web based applications that are focussed on driving efficiencies, problem solving, collaboration, and outreach communications.

Accomplished complex bid and project manager who has led supplier and partner developments projects and joining up multi-service offerings. Management and employee developer and trainer, focused on improvement and new ways of working.

Having worked at Interim Director level within the LGID and LG Group in addition to leading the co-development of the Creative Councils programme with NESTA, he has led the development and implementation of the Knowledge Hub and LG Inform programmes, developed ICT and Innovation strategies for the Group, managed the LG Information House Business through to it’s joint venture with Ordnance Survey, managed the web, knowledge, Communities of Practice and online communications teams, chaired the Efficiency Exchange Board, and represented the LG Group with Broadband UK, RaceOnline, the LGDC, Socitm and the LG CIO Council.

Brendan has a BA in Business Studies and an MBA from the University of Bath as well as a FHD from the Finance House Association. Brendan is an associate of SOCITM and has managed a number of government programmes that have received national awards and accreditations.

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